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Televisions are by far the most popular device in the home today; almost everyone has multiple ones in there home. All different size screens to fit anywhere in the home and a wide range of image quality depending on you're viewing needs. Wanting to watch a blu-ray movie requires more from a TV then watching daytime television. Picking the right screen can make a huge difference in your experience.

Video Players

With the selections they have today with video players, you can get caught up at the moment very quickly. Blu-ray players are all around ranged in a huge price gap between them for a reason. There are also media-players that can stream movies directly to your TV from your home PC or internet service.


Most people look past adding audio to their entertainment systems because of the extra cost associated with it and the added fact that most TV's already come with speakers. Having an external sound system is not comparable to a built-in speaker though. If you are sitting down with the family watching movies, getting a system that will give you more immersion can make all the difference in your movie experience.


There are all sorts of gadgets out there that can be used in your daily life. A lot of people are switching to fit bits and such to monitor their activities throughout the day and what kind of rest they are getting at night. Adding a smart watch to your collection of gadgets will get your information on the go, being able to check the weather or use your favorite app just by raising your wrist.


With the release of digital cameras in the past, cameras have taken a huge turn in usefulness. Most people have a camera on their phone, so purchasing a separate camera is an extra cost. That being said, there are many types of cameras out their far to anything attached to your cell phone. Action cameras from GoPro, for instance, are very powerful with far clearer images and the ability to move faster. DLSR cameras are a huge part of photography as well. Being able to control your lease can make your pictures turn out far better than anything with autofocus.

Security & Surveillance

With the large influx of people in our area, Surveillance systems have become commonplace among home and business alike. Whether you're keeping your garage secure with that classic car, or your shop with all the expensive tools in it; there is a system for everyone. We have a range of DIY DVR's in stock and also have high-resolution cameras available for those that need a sharper image and a longer distance.